Israel’s Iron Dome Comes to America

A Tamir missile is fired from the Iron Dome missile defense battery during a trial by the US military in New Mexico, April, 2016. (Rafael Advanced Defense Systems)

For the first time, Israel’s advanced missile defense system, Iron Dome, has intercepted an aerial target on American soil, successfully destroying an unmanned drone in a US test of the groundbreaking technology.

The US military conducted the test with Israeli and American defense contractors, firing Tamir missiles – the projectiles used in the famous Iron Dome battery – from its Multi Mission Launcher to bring down the drone in American airspace.

Unsurprisingly, the nearly undefeatable Iron Dome system struck and destroyed the target, reported Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the Israeli state-owned defense development company which created the Iron Dome. Raytheon, a major American defense contractor, also participated in the test.

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The US army is considering purchasing the system, which as of yet has not been sold to any foreign militaries, though many have expressed interest. The test was part of a wider effort to seek out and select potential air defense systems to be used by the US military. Conducted in New Mexico, the tests also included trials of missiles produced by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin.

The Iron Dome, which was jointly funded and developed by Israel and the US, has downed over 1500 rockets fired into Israeli territory, proving itself to be one of the most valuable and successful tools against enemy missiles. It boasts an 85-90 percent success rate in stopping rockets aimed at population centers.

While the system was designed to take out missiles, it can also successfully shoot down drones, which are becoming an increasingly dangerous presence on the battlefield. Hamas has been known to send spy drones into Israel and Egypt.

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