Palestinian terror attack

The Palestinians are continuing to wage a war of terror across Israel, targeting IDF soldiers and innocent Israeli civilians. 

An Israeli woman barely escaped being lynched by a mob of Palestinians who attacked her car on Wednesday as she was driving to Jerusalem.

The attack occurred outside the Arab village of Beit Sahour, just south of the capital, on a route used by thousands of Jewish and Palestinian motorists daily. Another seven Israeli vehicles were damaged by rock-throwing Palestinians in the area.

The woman was lightly wounded in her head and arm by the rocks thrown at her car. The rioters smashed all the windows in her car.

rock attack 2

The Israeli lynch victim receives initial treatment by an MDA team. (Courtesy)

The woman, 38, said the mob tried to drag her out of her car and beat her, but she managed to escape.

She was taken to Shaare Tzedek hospital in the capital for treatment.

This incident was just one of multiple terror attacks that have been perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists against Israeli citizens across Israel, and specifically in Jerusalem, over the past weeks.

In Tuesday overnight raids in Jerusalem, police forces uncovered 15 firebombs ready for use on the roof of a house in the Arab neighborhood of A-Tur. Police also arrested seven Palestinians on suspicion of involvement in rioting and attacks against Israelis

The discovery came the day after police found firebombs on the roof of a mosque in the same area.

Earlier Tuesday night, six police officers were lightly wounded when Arab residents of Jaffa rioted, just minutes away from the center of Tel Aviv. Two officers were taken to Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital for treatment.

Arabs waved Palestinian flags in the main city square, burned trash cans and blocked streets with tires and chanted, “In spirit and in blood, we will redeem al-Aqsa mosque.”

At one point, they attacked a bus full of Israeli passengers with rocks and smashed all the windows. The startled bus driver opened all the doors and shouted to everyone calling on them to flee. All of the passengers managed to escape unharmed.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

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Source: United with Israel