Samsara, a company that designs and manufactures “smart” travel luggage, has launched an initiative to provide safety kits containing hard to find protective products that are currently in high-demand. The company will then distribute those kits for free to essential workers and charities that are in dire need of those very supplies.

The Essentials by Samsara campaign will also supply those same hygienic products to anyone who buys one of their travel products during the current Coronavirus Crisis.

Samsara Essentials Kit

That’s because although Samsara doesn’t advise traveling unnecessarily at this time, they also realize that for some, there is no choice. The company wants to enable those who must travel in  Coronavirus hotzones to travel with a protective mask, Purell and latex gloves. And all of those products and more will come in a kit combined with their steel alloy luggage carriers.

Not your grandfather’s suitcase

Samsara’s state-of-the-art luggage comes with tons of ‘smart’ features such as a built in alarm system. This alarm system allows you to monitor your luggage’s location from the convenience of your mobile device. The technology also allows you to see if your suitcase is being opened without authorization preventing theft. In fact, Newsweek magazine praised the “smart suitcase that fictional British super-spy James Bond—known for his love of quirky gadgets and high tech hardware—would surely snap up.”

More gadgets

But that’s not all. These luggage units also feature built-in light fixtures that enables you to view its contents even if it’s pitch black outside. Plus, the suitcase doubles as a charging station for your laptop or mobile device – crucial for long layovers at the airport.

The soldiers behind the mission

Samsara’s disruptive, hi-tech luggage design is due to the fact that their R&D center is located in Israel. Additionally, all of the company’s engineers are ex-IDF military.

So even if you don’t have any immediate travel plans, now could be an ideal time to purchase Samsara’s state of the art luggage. That way, you can enjoy a free protection kit in addition to knowing that your purchase will also supply a doctor, nurse or paramedic with some much-needed protective equipment. Your purchase of a Samsara suitcase a can literally save a life.

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Source: Israel in the News