Israeli Smart City Tech Attracts Attention

Israel smart city


The Israeli innovation pavilion at the Innovative City Conference in Nice included numerous technologies; Eleven Israeli general hospitals and two psychiatric hospitals are to convert to natural gas, saving millions, and much more.

By: Michael Ordman



Nice for Israeli smart city tech

The Israeli innovation pavilion at the Innovative City Conference in Nice included Aquarius Spectrum (leak detection), ElectRoad, Elencon (efficient air-con), GreenQ (truck sensors), Sowillo (solar panels) and TruckNet (reduces number of empty trucks).

Hospitals to convert to natural gas

Eleven Israeli general hospitals and two psychiatric hospitals are to convert to natural gas for kitchens, sanitation, and heating. The hospitals spend NIS 150-200 million a year on energy, and the transition to natural gas is expected to save them NIS 60 million.

Filtering polluted groundwater

JNF has opened the Center for Water-Sensitive Cities in Israel in the city of Kfar Saba. It employs a hybrid bio-filter – the first of its kind in the world, purifying dirty runoff rainwater in the winter and performing “aquifer dialysis” to purify polluted underground water in the rainless summer.

US and Israel sign cyber-sharing agreement

US and Israel have signed a new agreement which will automate their sharing of cyber data for the first time. It will take the speed of sharing to an entirely different level to deal with constantly evolving cyber-attacks on the two countries.

Israeli cyber firms get their act together

Good to see two Israeli hi-tech companies getting together to enhance cybersecurity. Checkpoint is installing Mellanox’s 40GbE adapter cards in its 15000 and 23000 series security appliances in order to discover malicious behavior before it enters the network.

Stop spam at the push of a button

Israel’s IronScales has developed IronTrap which company Google mail and Gmail users can use to eliminate phishing spam. When an authorized employee highlights a suspicious email, IronTrap will analyze it, disable it and remove it from every mailbox on the company’s network.

Extending shelf-life for Indian produce

Susan Lurie and Edna Pesis from Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture are advising the Indo-Israel Agricultural Project (IIAP) on maintaining the post-harvest quality of Indian fruit and vegetables. Techniques include “hot water brushing”, waxing and permeable packaging.

Planes for the Italian Air Force

The first of two Gulfstream G550 business jets for the Italian Air Force has arrived at Israel Aerospace Industries’ facilities, to be reconfigured into an airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft.

Top of the mobile apps

Israeli startups won three of the four top prizes at the Asia Smartphone Apps Competition in Hong Kong. Tekoia’s universal remote, won the grand prize for the event, and also the advertising and marketing category. Castle Builders won the games and edutainment category, and Bazz, came in second in the creative lifestyle category.

Professional videos made easy

Israel’s Slidely enables businesses and individuals to make a video with licensed music for a price as low as $20. Slidely has now joined forces with Getty Images, providing access to Getty’s library of nearly two million stock video clips. Slidely has over 100 million registered users.

Video messaging on smartwatches

Israeli video-messaging startup Glide is now working on a new project for smartwatches that it plans to unveil later this summer.


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Source: United with Israel