Israeli Rabbi Calls on American Jews to Return to Israel before Draft Reinstated

A prominent Israeli rabbi is calling on American Jews of military age to come to Israel before a military draft is reinstated.

Rabbi Nachman Kahana Photo YouTube screenshot The Temple Institute

Center for Kohanim founder Rabbi Nachman Kahane took to Facebook pleading with Jewish parents in the United States to persuade their children to fulfill the Biblical commandment of resettling the land of Israel. Rabbi Kahane implores Jewish mothers and fathers to send their children back to Israel “before the US prohibits the departure of young people, as will happen when the draft will be restored.”

He also warns of increased antisemitism in the U.S saying: “life will not revert to what it was, and anti-Semitism will spike to new heights.”

Acknowledging that although young Jewish Americans may be unable to arrive today, they should fly to Israel at the first opportunity they are given saying: “At this moment you cannot come here because Israel has temporarily limited air travel; however, tomorrow you could find yourselves in a situation where the US will prohibit young people of draft age – men and women, from leaving. Think seriously about it!”

The rabbi then invokes Biblical reasons why one shouldn’t squander the opporutnity to perform on of God’s commandments saying: “When there is an opportunity to perform a mitzvah (commandment), do not turn it into chametz (unleavened bread) by delaying its performance until its time has passed.”

He concludes with the following message: ”

If there is anything that we should learn from the Corona experience it is that when a good intention comes to mind, do not delay its performance – because one can never know.”

Source: Israel in the News