Israeli Organization Empowers Women in Nepal

IsraAid Nepalese women


IsraAID has launched a project in Nepal by opening a beekeeping school near Kathmandu, and a Facebook page shows Muslim citizens in Israel enjoying the good life.

By: Michael Ordman



Empowering women in Nepal

IsraAID has launched a project in Nepal by opening a beekeeping school near Kathmandu. 64 women have learned how to become beekeepers, form a cooperative to sell honey to local stores and tourists in Nepal. Each woman received one beehive stacked with a colony of local Himalayan bees to start her venture. For many of them, this beehive was one of the first things they completely owned.

Muslims of Israel

This facebook page is a collection of news & images of Israel’s almost 2 million Muslim citizens enjoying the good life in Israel. Please share. It is an open page, allowing anyone to post comments.

Autistic boy uses facebook to make new friends

4-year-old Tommy Traitel from Tel Aviv has set-up a facebook page to set-up play dates with normal kids and improve his communication skills. It has also generated interest from Israelis in the US and celebrities who have arranged to meet Tommy.

Israel appoints its first Muslim police commissioner

Israel’s Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan has announced the setting up of an executive administration to enforce law within the Arab sector. The executive head will be Muslim Arab Jamal Hakroush, who will be promoted to the rank of Deputy Commissioner.

A Syrian refugee thanks Israel

Syrian refugee Aboud Dandachi has set-up a website “Thank You Am Israel” and writes “I am morally obligated to ensure that the goodwill that Israelis and Jews have displayed towards my people will not be overlooked nor forgotten.” “…it is imperative that Syrians reciprocate the enormous goodwill shown towards us by Israelis and the Jewish people.”

Bahraini princess treated in Israel

A secret 2010 visit to Israel of a Bahraini princess has just been revealed. She received life-saving treatment at Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center. She stayed 2 months in Israel, including time at a rehabilitation center in Nesher, near Haifa. She chose Israel, rather than an alternative in the USA.

Aid to Taiwan

Israel is sending search and rescue teams to Taiwan where many have been killed and are still missing in the magnitude 6.4 earthquake. Taiwan’s new President Tsai Ing-wen previously visited Israel in 2013 and was very impressed.

How to hack a hacker

This is the message of the latest ad in the New York Times from “Israel is on it”. It highlights Israel’s dominance of the cybersecurity market and particularly the innovative software from Israel’s Illusive Networks.

Success at English debating championships

At the 2016 World University Debating Championship in Thessaloniki, Greece, Israel’s Ayal Hayut-man won Best Speaker at English as a Second Language with partner Dan Lahav as runner-up. The two reached the semi-final stage of the Open Finals – an Israeli record. Three Israeli teams reached the Open Finals.

The all-time best iPhone apps

Mashable’s 100 all-time best iPhone apps includes three from Israel. Waze ranks 22 (“So good that Google bought it”); Meerkat (video streaming) is at 86 and Yo (the best dumb app) at 91.


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Source: United with Israel