Israeli Mystic on Election Day: “Today formally ends the age of the American Empire”

Rabbi Alon Anava made some dramatic pronouncements related to the US election and its connection to redemption in the final 20 minutes of a recent 88-minute long class. Very early in the lecture, Anava declared that, “This election is going to change the entire face of the planet.”  

Rabbi Alon Anava (courtesy: screenshot)

Anava teaches Torah to Jews and non-Jews from the city of Tzfat, in Israel’s Galilee region. His most recent class “Will Trump win the elections? What do the Torah codes reveal?” was delivered live earlier this week and is available on YouTube. At press time, two days after the video was uploaded, it has already been screened more than 21,000 times.

On several occasions, Anava emphasized that this information is not just for Jews, but for everyone. In the edited version of his talk that appears on YouTube, all of the Hebrew verses he referenced are written clearly on the screen, along with their English translation. When he directs his listeners to see a pattern in the Hebrew words of the Torah, they appear highlighted in red.

The Whole Torah Is Coded

After his introduction, he spent a considerable amount of time sharing multiple Torah codes related to the presidency of Donald J. Trump and the coronavirus. Most significantly, he explained a fundamental difference between the way Jews and Christians understand Biblical texts.

“The whole Torah is coded,” he taught, referring to the Hebrew text. “Many messages are not written in the verses. The text is just the revealed part. Hidden in it are many other messages.”

For example, he shows multiple verses from Exodus 23, which is part of the weekly Torah portion of Mishpatim (Laws). This is relevant because President Trump originally took office the week that Jewish communities worldwide were reading the Torah portion of Mishpatim.

Anava pointed out that, with skips of 73 letters, the Hebrew spelling of Trump is encoded in the Torah beginning in Exodus 23, which was read the very week he took office in 2017.

He offered a few explanations for why skips of 73 letters is significant. Among them is the fact that 73 is the numerical value of the Hebrew word chochmah, which means wisdom. “Hashem (God) runs the world with chochmah. This is how He controls governments and presidents,” Anava explained.

How The US Election Is Connected to Redemption

Without question, the most compelling part of his presentation comes at the end, when he connects the US election directly to the impending redemption.

“It’s almost irrelevant who is going to be the next president,” Anava declared. “Either way you’re looking at it, the redemption is going to come.”

Anava referred to both President Trump and contender Joe Biden as “puppets” who will be fulfilling the will of God, whatever happens at the polls. “Regardless of who wins, the outcome will be the same because HaKadosh Baruch Hu (the Holy One, Blessed is He) is driving the train,” Anava asserted.

“The whole system is set up to bring the country to civil war, martial law and the end of the US. Either way you look at it, it’s going to bring the country down.

“America is done. America is going to go down and with it, the entire world. Why? Because Hashem is preparing the entire world to bring His messiah – Moshaich ben David (Messiah, son of David) – to come and redeem the entire world, not only the Jews.

“There cannot be a redemption if there are governments. There cannot be a redemption if there are world leaders. Moshiach is going to come and remove the world leaders, so it’s really irrelevant who is going to win.

“You can kiss the Great United States of America goodbye. Within a few months, you’ll see this entire great country going down with its economy, with its power. And all the countries of the world are going to follow.

“Anyone who is with the program is going to be part of it. And anyone who is against the program will not be part of it.  And the redemption is not only for the Jews. The redemption is for the entire world. All the nations of the world are part of it.”

Two Sins The Keep A Person From Experiencing Redemption

Anava dispensed powerful advice for how to survive the coming breakdown. He points to two covenants that God made with humanity – the covenant against idolatry and the covenant of marriage and sexual purity.

Regarding the latter, Anava spoke about the importance of guarding the covenant of marriage by refraining from all illicit sexual relations. This, he emphasized, is a major challenge in our day.

For Jews and non-Jews, Anava said that, “idolatry is not bowing down to idols. It’s putting your faith in anything but Hashem (such as governments or vaccines). We have to believe only in the Master of the Universe.” Using the coronavirus as an example of how important it is to rely only on God, Anava said, “He’s the One who brought the disease and He’s the One who is going to remove it.”

A Second Torah Voice Weighs In

A related, but significantly more positive perspective comes from Chaim David Targan, writer, mystic, kabbalistic healer and worldwide speaker on what is happening with geula (redemption) from a heavenly perspective. Interestingly, like Anava, Targan is also based in Tzfat.

The day before the election, Targan wrote that, “Today formally ends the age of the American Empire. If Biden wins, like Rome, America will crash and burn. If Trump prevails, its age will end gracefully, transferring its power, authority and sovereignty fully to the leaders of the geula (redemption) and successfully and joyfully completing the Tikkun of Eisav (Esau’s rectification). This would be great joy to Washington, Jefferson and Adams, who created America through Torah Wisdom as a tikkun for Eisav.”

Like Anava, Targan is saying that America’s days are numbered. He adds the nuance that, depending on who ultimately wins yesterday’s election, the end of America will come harshly (under Biden) or gently (under Trump).

Yesterday, on the day Americans went to the polls, Targan was in Meron, a community in Northern Israel most famous for housing the burial place of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. From there, he received this uplifting message.

“Things will not be in a way anyone expects. There will be surprises and surprises and more surprises within the surprises and no one can guess what is coming next.  But you will be seeing wonders and jumping for joy and dancing in the streets. 

“And Hashem will REVEAL HIS HAND – and through this, the joy in the world will become contagious. What will be happening will be above everyone’s consciousness. This will increase the connection of Hashem to each and everyone.  In this manner, Klal Yisrael (the Jewish people) first, and then the world, will clamour for more – to be closer to Hashem.  People will be nice and kind to one another in a way never seen before and they will all know, really know, that the era of Mashiach has arrived and is upon us.”

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