Mordechai Abbott (22), an MDA volunteer from Safed, did not imagine that this is the way his wedding day would turn out. Mordechai and his friend, Uri Yemini (21), medic and ambulance driver for MDA, were on their way from a prayer service in Meron to Mordechai’s wedding ceremony in Rosh Pina this past Sunday. Suddenly, they noticed two standing vehicles involved in a car accident.

With Mordecai already dressed in his wedding suit, the two quickly exited their vehicle and began providing first aid to a man and woman who suffered minor injuries. “Road conditions and visibility were impaired, forcing the treatment to be given under challenging circumstances, and under heavy fog. We immediately attended to their injuries, providing first aid treatment. Shortly after, an ambulance arrived and evacuated them to the hospital.” says Mordechai.

Alongside the medical treatment being provided, Mordechai made sure to divert traffic from the site in order to prevent any further accidents. “It was important to signal to drivers that there was an incoming danger,” Mordechai recalled.

“We, as MDA personnel, are always alert. No matter the time or place, we will always be there, ready to assist.

The following day, Mordechai was happy to receive a phone call from one of the patients who wanted to personally show his thanks and congratulate him on his wedding.

Source: Israel in the News