ImageSat's photos of Iranian satellite launch preparation. (Twitter)

Israeli firm ImageSat International exposed the final stages of a satellite launching scheme that appears to be part of the Islamic Republic’s ballistic missile program.

By: United with Israel Staff

According to images released by Israel’s ImageSat International (ISI), Tehran is poised to launch a satellite into orbit from northern Iran.

While Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has made claims regarding launching satellites “using domestically-made rockets,” officials from Tehran have been caught in the past fabricating military intelligence and attempting to disseminate false propaganda regarding Iran’s military capabilities.

In this case, however, ISI’s photos appear to demonstrate that Iran’s satellite launch may be imminent, with large numbers of personnel arriving at the Khomenei Spaceport in the past few days, Times of Israel reported.

Israel, the United States, and other allies believe Iran is using its space program to develop ballistic missiles capable of reaching Iran’s enemies far and wide.

“It is our assessment that the missile that will carry the satellite is already in a construction site, and that checks are being preformed on it and on the launcher,” ISI said, according to the Times.

Israel is not alone in expressing consternation about Iran’s military ambitions and aggression, with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo previously identifying Iran’s satellite program as clear evidence of the country’s defiance of a U.N. resolution barring the Islamic Republic from developing ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

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