United Hatzalah Panama

For from Zion shall come forth…emergency medicine! United Hatzalah received an award from Panama’s Homefront Command for life-saving aid.

By: United with Israel Staff

United Hatzalah, a Jerusalem-based emergency response organization which is active around the globe, was presented with an award by Panama’s Homefront Command honoring the life-saving aid the Israeli organization has provided to the small Central American nation.

Jose Donderis, Chief of SINAPROC (The National Protection & Civil Defense and Homefront Command of Panama) presented the award to United Hatzalah’s President and Founder Eli Beer on Sunday.

The award recognized the Hatzalah’s collaboration with SINAPROC in recent years.

“The task of saving lives is the highest priority of first responders in both organizations who have shown professionalism and teamwork,” said Donderis.

During the ceremony, Donderis received a blessing from the Chief Rabbi of Panama, Rabbi David Perets, who is a supporter of United Hatzalah of Panama and bestowed the blessing in the presence of its volunteers.

Beer declared that the occasion was “a great honor” as he received the award.

“The relationship between what you at the Homefront command do and what the United Hatzalah of Panama volunteers do every day is incredibly successful and one of a kind,” he stated while expressing  pride at bringing the award back to Israel to display at the United Hatzalah headquarters.

“I know that our two organizations save lives together here and I want to say ‘kol hakavod’ [well-done in Hebrew] to you for your part in helping us help others,” he concluded.

“Thank you for helping to save lives in Panama,” said Donderis. “You have a great team that does great work to help all the people of Panama. We look forward to continuing to save lives with you here in Panama.”

Israeli emergency and rescue organizations regularly share their know-how and expertise with organizations around the globe.

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Source: United with Israel