Israeli Doctors Save Arab Baby with Serious Birth Defect

Arab baby at hadassah hospital

Israeli doctors save Arab baby with serious birth defect; Haifa’s Rambam medical center uses non-invasive focused ultrasound brain treatment; researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have advanced the search for genetic breakthroughs, and much more.

Israeli doctors save Arab baby with serious birth defect

Ibtihaj from Arab village of Kfar Kassam was born with her intestines outside her abdomen.  After birth, surgeons at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center put her organs back in place. They closed the wound with the Israeli TopClosure Tension Relief System (see here).

50 patients cured of essential tremor

Haifa’s Rambam medical center has now used the non-invasive focused ultrasound brain treatment to cure 50 patients of essential tremor.  This video features Haya Mandelbaum – a baker, who celebrated “getting her life back” by making Hanukkah donuts for hospital staff.

Advanced gene editing

Researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have combined two powerful research tools to advance the search for genetic breakthroughs.  First, they use CRISPR gene editing to make changes to DNA molecules. Then they use single-cell genomic profiling to confirm the outcome of changes.

Golf event saved 16 lives

I reported previously (Jun 19) on the “Hole in One” golf event that Israeli charity Ezer Mizion used to raise money for its bone marrow registry. Funds pay for specific genetic tests and the subsequent bone marrow donations are monitored. In 2016, 16 people were saved thanks to these donations.

Israeli tech cuts down prescription errors

I reported previously (see here) about Israeli tech that prevents medical errors. Here now is an article about Israel’s Medaware that alerts doctors about mistakes when writing out prescriptions.  A Harvard Medical School study proves Medaware saves lives.

US approves media for growing stem cells

The US FDA has approved the application from Israel’s Biological Industries for its NutriStem hPSC XF Medium to grow stem cells.  The kibbutz-based company has over 30 years’ experience in cell culture media development and manufacturing.

US approves suturing system

I wrote previously (Oct 10) that Israel’s Gordian Surgical had received CE (European) certification for its innovative TroClose1200 system for closing wounds after keyhole surgery.  The system has now received US FDA approval and Gordian has received a $2.25 million investment.

Detecting disease in “healthy” people

Recent video by Israeli-Arab Professor Hossam Haick of Israel’s Technion who invented the Na-Nose breath test to detect diseases such as cancer.

Predictive analytics health research institute set up

Israel’s Maccabi Health Services has set up a $6 million digital health research institute. It has already developed technology for predicting colon cancer among Maccabi patients who never considered going for a scan for this purpose.  And it is not stopping there.

Migraine treatment for South Korea

Israel’s Redhill Biopharma and its Canadian co-development partner, IntelGenx have signed a definitive agreement with Korea’s Pharmatronic, granting an exclusive license (initially for 10 years) to market the acute migraine treatment RIZAPORT® in South Korea.


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Source: United with Israel