David's Sling

One of Israel’s crucial and innovative defense components was awarded a prestigious US technology prize. 

Israel’s David’s Sling missile defense system was awarded on Wednesday the prestigious Technology Pioneer Award at the 2017 Multinational Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) Conference in Boston, Massachusetts, in recognition of ground-breaking achievements in Lower-Tier Ballistic Missile and Cruise Missile Defense.

With a robust system-of-systems architecture and breakthrough Stunner Interceptor technologies, David’s Sling attains cutting-edge performance in protection against endo-atmospheric threats on a national scale.

The Technology Pioneer Award is presented each year by the Multinational BMD Conference’s International Program Committee in recognition of significant technical achievement in the field of missile defense. This is the thirtieth year of the Multinational Ballistic Missile Defense Conference, demonstrating a commitment to expanding missile defense capabilities and knowledge. The conference serves a wide global community with increasing participation from Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East.

IMDO Director Mr. Moshe Patel received the award on behalf of the state of Israel.

“The marvelous capabilities of the David’s Sling Defense System are a significant breakthrough in the world of interception technology,” Patel stated. “The unique characteristics of the system interceptors are astounding in every test that is done.”

The David’s Sling is an important component of Israel’s operational capability to defend the country against regional missile threats, he stressed.

Pini Yungman, Executive Vice President and Head of Rafael’s Air Superiority Systems Division said that “awarding David’s Sling with this prize is another testimony to the technological breakthrough that it represents, and its great achievement after years of development and finding creative, unique solutions.”

David’s Sling is one of the world’s most advanced missile defense systems, and, alongside Iron Dome and the Arrow Systems, provides an additional layer of defense to the state of Israel.

David’s Sling, known as the Magic Wand in Hebrew, is considered an innovative system and is meant to contend with accurate short and medium-range missiles, adding another layer of defense to Israel’s multi-layer anti-ballistic missile systems and supplementing the Arrow systems. It is primarily meant to defend against attacks from Hezbollah in Lebanon, including the Iranian-made Zilzal and Fatah 110.

The Iron Dome intercepts short-range targets, while the Arrow has the longest-range capabilities—its latest version can intercept long-range ballistic missiles outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

The David’s Sling system was developed by Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems in cooperation with the US-based Raytheon. In the future, it will also address threats such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

By: United with Israel Staff

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Source: United with Israel