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“Enigmatos presents a unique and proprietary technology that enables it to detect and prevent cyber-attacks on vehicles,” said Monday’s statement.

By United With Israel Staff 

Enigmatos, an Israeli automotive cybersecurity company, has been selected as the winner in the transportation category of Kaspersky’s Call for Startups.

Kaspersky, a global cybersecurity company, says that it is “focused on innovations and believes in the need for new ideas and solutions in these markets to combat growing threats.”

On its website, it says that earlier this year, it “launched the call to startups…to prove the potential of their products or technologies to solve concrete cybersecurity use cases.”

“As part of the innovation program launched, Kaspersky received 258 applications from 49 countries, but only 12 startups, coming from IsraelSpainEnglandIrelandSingaporeGermany, and France, made their final appearances at a Demo Day in Milan, Italy,” said a statement released on Monday.

“Providing protection for the transportation industry is a promising area for us because cars are constantly improving. They are becoming faster and more technological – making them more like smartphones on wheels,” said Vitaly Mzokov, head of Innovation Hub at Kaspersky.

“Our mission is to bring on the future – to contribute to this progress and ensure every vehicle, no matter where you drive, is cyber-immune,” he added. “We saw potential in the Enigmatos project because the technology involved can be developed into an innovative product with our assistance,” and saying that Kaspersky looked forward “to this cooperation” with Enigmatos “coming to fruition.”

“Enigmatos presents a unique and proprietary technology – Deep Car Identity Profiling (DCIP) – that enables it to detect and prevent cyber-attacks on vehicles,” said Monday’s statement.

“The company is the first to extract a vehicle’s unique digital profile by uploading all communications data to the cloud. It enables it not only to locate the source of the attack, but also to intercept it immediately and accurately and protect existing and future vehicles,” it added.

In June 2019, it was announced that Enigmatos would partner with fuel management systems provider Orpak to help it tighten its security system. Another Enigmatos customer is Pelephone, a leading Israeli mobile operator, which Enigmatos helped to establish its connected vehicle offering security.

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