checking for contamination

Israeli company develops fast method for testing food for dangerous bacteria; a new app synchronizes a user’s music playlists with their friend’s favorites, allowing for the instant sharing of music; Israel’s Foresight develops system that constructs and analyzes a 3D image in order to foresee possible road collisions, and much more.


UN award for Israeli contaminated food test

The United Nations Organization for Industrial Development has awarded Israel’s Yarok Technology Transfer the International Award 2017 for “Innovative Ideas and Technology on Agribusiness”. Yarok has developed a fast method for testing food for dangerous bacteria.

The Instagram of music

Ori Segal, CEO of Israeli startup MUGO, explains on ILTV how his new app synchronizes a user’s music playlists with their friend’s favorites, allowing for the instant sharing of music.

3D cameras to avoid accidents

Israel’s Foresight develops 3D multi-camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Foresight’s Eyes-On system constructs and analyzes a 3D image in order to foresee possible collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and other obstacles.

Better business predictions

Israeli startup Endor has developed a software platform that lets business users ask any predictive question and get high-quality results in minutes. The platform is based on Social Physics – a new science that uses big data to build a predictive, computational theory of human behavior.

Keeping track of your children

Israel’s Barkid has launched a smart bracelet that enables parents to supervise their children. The bracelet is worn by the child and an app installed in the adult’s cellphone keeps track of the child. Barkid’s product is not GPS-based, and therefore emits negligible radiation.

More efficient solar power

Researchers at Israel’s Technion have developed a new technology that improves the efficiency of photovoltaic cells by nearly 70 percent. The scientists pre-process the sunlight, converting it into an “ideal” radiation to illuminate the photovoltaic cell with higher efficiency.

Self-charging drones to monitor pipelines

Israeli-Canadian startup SkyX has developed a self-charging Vertical Takeoff and Landing drone for use in the monitoring of long-range assets like oil and gas pipelines. It provides a low-cost alternative to conventional manned aircraft, ground inspection, or satellite imagery.

International awards for young Israeli scientists

Gonen Zimmerman of the Levi Eshkol School in Ramat Hasharon came third at the Intel ISEF Young Scientists Competition in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Na’ama Schor of the High School for Environmental Education at the Sde Boker Midrasha received an honorable mention from the American Physiological Association.

Developing animal-free meat

I reported previously (24th July) about Israel’s SuperMeat which is culturing meat to save the planet. Israel is now the center of this new industry and held the first-ever Cultured Meat Conference at Israel’s Technion Institute. Also, some videos from the conference and from SuperMeat.

Cybersecurity for Latin America

The Israeli Cyber Companies Consortium (IC3), comprising IAI, Verint and Checkpoint, has won a contract worth “tens of millions of dollars” to set up a strategic national cyber-defense center in a Latin American country. It includes border protection, sensors, land and aerial systems.

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