Israeli authorities demolish Jewish settlements in Samaria

Israel Police officers and Israel Defense Forces Civil Administration inspectors demolished the Givat Sde Yonatan and Or Meir outposts, both in the Binyamin region of Samaria, on Thursday morning.

Givat Sde Yonatan, established in early 2023 near the community of Ma’ale Michmash, and Givat Or Meir, located close to Ofra, are on privately owned Palestinian land, according to the Civil Administration.

Israeli authorities have repeatedly evacuated both communities in the past, most recently in December.

On Thursday, some 100 security personnel showed up and demolished residential buildings and sheep pens, Arutz 7 said. Arab workers were brought in to assist in the destruction and seizure of property, including a generator used for heating and security purposes.

“The two hills are currently home to a group of boys who are developing the areas and preparing it to welcome families in the near future,” tweeted Elisha Yered, one of the founders of Givat Sde Yonatan.

On Thursday afternoon, residents had already started rebuilding the two outposts, with an impromptu crowdfunding campaign raising more than 60,000 shekels ($16,000) within a matter of hours.

“The hill will be rebuilt and will continue to be a vanguard force in the campaign for the territories of Judea and Samaria,” local activists told Arutz 7.

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