Israel365’s One-of-a-kind War Room at NRB

Israel365’s One-of-a-kind War Room at NRB

The 76th annual National Religious Broadcasters national convention will be held for four days in Nashville Tennessee beginning on Tuesday. Israel365, which has been connecting the Jewish State with the Christian audience for over a decade, will be there, helping Christian media in the US connect with the ongoing war in Israel.

National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) is an international association of evangelical communicators. While theologically diverse within the evangelical community, NRB members are linked through a Declaration of Unity that proclaims their joint commitment and devotion to Christianity. The audience for religious broadcasters has expanded, with 141 million Americans using Christian media at least once per month.

The NRB convention is an essential element in the connection between Christians and Israel.  67% of churchgoers consume Christian media regularly, 141 million Americans watch or listen to Christian broadcasting every month, and 5 thousand of the most pro-Israel Christian leaders will be at the NRB in Nashville. Israel365 Media will be the leading Israeli media group at the convention, celebrating the spirit of Israel’s excellence and innovation.

Thousands attended the annual NRB International Christian Media Convention. (Photo: Jonathan Feldstein)

While the NRB Convention is intended to address various issues concerning Conservative and Christian media, Israel will be a major focal point. Toward that end, Israel365 will run a “War Room” at the convention as an immersive experience. The Israel War Room, is an innovative, engaging, and interactive space that provides a deep understanding of the tumultuous October 7 Israel-Hamas War. Modeled on an Israeli command center, the Israel War Room tells the story of October 7 and the Israeli people’s heroic response.

Tours of the War Room will be led by notable figures such as Michele Bachmann, Pastor Larry Huch, Pastor David Swaggerty, Laurie Cardoza-Moore, former Ambassador David Friedman and many more. Attendees will get the inside story on Israel’s war against Hamas.

The tour of the War Room will begin with an exclusive ten-minute movie which will inform participants about October 7 that has been so misrepresented or glossed over in most of the media.  The next station in the War Room will feature a face-to-face meeting with an IDF officer who will give participants an up-to-date briefing on Israel’s war on Hamas. At the next station, participants will meet with relatives of hostages in order to get a clearer understanding of the inhumane treatment at the hands of the terrorists. Presenters will also display how Israel is being misrepresented in social, media and how individuals can help fight this online battle.

NATIONAL HARBOR, MD – MARCH 8, 2014: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). (source: Shutterstock). She will be leading a tour of the War Room.

As part of this effort, Israel365 is relaunching the Israel Bible.

“This war is a spiritual battle and our solution is to bring Jews and Christians together,” Rabbi Elie Mischel, edfucational director of Israel365 said. “Israel is being attacked byIslamic jihadists who are in an anti-holy alliance with progressives. Jews and Christians need to ally in the Bible.”

The tour will host groups of up to 20 participants, each with a distinguished leader and each section of the tour will feature a prayer for Israel,. Participants will be encouraged to record a video expressing support of Israel. 

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