Israel365 Publishes New IDF Passover Haggadah

Every year on Passover, families get together for a festive meal to recall the story of the Exodus from Egypt. The ritual is performed by reading a book called the ‘Haggadah.’

Following his successful launch of a Purim Megillah in honor of terror victim Esther Horgen, Israel365 founder Rabbi Tuly Weisz launched a similar initiative publishing a Passover Haggadah in honor of the only IDF soldier who was killed in 2020 – Amit ben Yigal.

The book’s introduction was written by Amit’s father Baruch Ben Yigal. The Haggadah is decorated with images of ben Yigal including a letter from the fallen hero describing his comradery with his fellow Israeli troops.

“It’s really dedicated to the ancient and modern Jewish soldiers” Rabbi Weisz explains adding that Upon their exodus from Egypt the “first thing that the Jewish people are told is to establish an army.”

And in case you’re worried that the translation will be hard to understand, Rabbi Weisz reassures the interviewer saying that he has commissioned his own translation making it “a unique, original and very readable translation.”

“Whoever you are; Jewish, non-Jewish, religious not, religious, you’ll get a lot out of the Israel Bible Passover Haggadah” he concludes.
To order your copy of the Israel Bible Passover Haggadah in honor of fallen Israeli soldier Amit ben Yigal, click here.




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