Israel to Send Fire Relief Mission to California
California fires

“The departure of a relief mission to the US and Israel’s rapid mobilization is representative of the close friendship between our nations,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabi Ashkenazi.

By United with Israel Staff

Israel is sending a delegation of firefighters to California Sunday morning to assist in managing a wave of wildfires, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Friday.

The mission, expected to remain in California for approximately two weeks, will include officers and firefighters from Israel’s Fire and Rescue Services, rescue and forest fire experts, and a Foreign Ministry representative.

The Foreign Ministry organized the departure of the mission and coordinated its operations with the American authorities through the Israeli consulate in San Francisco. The Fire and Rescue Services Commissioner is leading the consolidation of the mission, as well as its operations at the fire sites.

The launch of the mission follows intensive communication between the Foreign Ministry and the US Embassy in Israel, as well as the Israeli consulate in San Francisco and the authorities in the United States, in order to identify the Americans’ needs in managing the wildfires and arrange the necessary approvals.

“The departure of a relief mission to the United States, and Israel’s rapid mobilization to assist its friend the United States, is representative of the close friendship between our nations and of the excellent relations our two countries share across a wide range of areas. I bless the mission’s members and wish them luck in their important undertaking,” Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabi Ashkenazi stated.


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