Manchester attack

“Terrorism is a global threat and the enlightened countries must work together to defeat it everywhere,” Netanyahu stated. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Manchester, UK, on Monday night, in which 22 people, many of them children, were murdered, and 59 were wounded.

Police believe one man detonated an improvised explosive device outside an Ariana Grande concert attended by thousands of young music fans, and died in the attack.

“The Government of Israel strongly condemns last night’s awful terrorist attack in Manchester. I send condolences to the families of the people who were murdered and my wishes for a recovery to those who were injured,” Netanyahu said in a statement.

“Terrorism is a global threat and the enlightened countries must work together to defeat it everywhere,” he underscored.

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Danny Danon expressed his condolences and support to Ambassador Matthew Rycroft of the UK following the terror attack.

“We send our condolences to the families of the victims of the horrific attack in Manchester and pray for a speedy recovery for the wounded. Israel stands by your side and we pledge to fight together with you against the forces of terror who seek to harm the free world,” Danon stated.

No terror group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said the government was working to establish “the full details of what is being treated by the police as an appalling terrorist attack.”

If the incident is confirmed as a terrorist attack it would be the deadliest in Britain since four suicide bombers killed 52 London commuters on three subway trains and a bus in July 2005.

Pop concerts and nightclubs have been a terrorism target before.

Almost 90 people were killed by terrorists inspired by the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris during a performance by Eagles of Death Metal in November 2015.

In Turkey, 39 people died when a terrorist attacked New Year’s revelers at the Reina nightclub in Istanbul.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

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Source: United with Israel