Israel remembers its fallen warriors today

On Israel’s Memorial Day, Mizrahi UK released a video narrated by Rabbi Andrew Shaw who explains the meaning of the day.

“The state of Israel was not handed to us on a silver platter. It was established through the loss of much blood. The blood of soldiers who gave their lives so that the Jewish nation would have a small place on the face of the earth to call home. The state of Israel does not forget those to whom it owes its being on Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day), the country gives honor to all soldiers who have fallen in its wars and stands to salute their memory. This day falls during one of the strongest and most intense weeks for the Jewish community and for Israel.”

“Last Thursday, we marked Yom HaShoah tonight, and tomorrow we mark Yom Hazikaron followed by Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day), the celebration of the renewal of the Jewish state in the land of Israel. From Holocaust to revival, from darkness to light adding an extremely historically meaningful chapter to our people’s story of resilience. On Yom Hazikaron, we remember those who fell in the struggle for the establishment of the state of Israel and in its defense and we remember those who were brutally murdered in terror attacks. on Yom Haaztmaut, the entire nation remembers its debt and expresses eternal gratitude to its sons and daughters who gave their lives for the achievement of the country’s independence and its continued existence”

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