Australian 60 Minutes host Liam Bartlett’s anti-Israel prejudice was apparent when he interviewed Likud’s Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely, but in just under three minutes, she quietly ripped him to pieces with unparalleled poise and grace.

Bartlet kept trying to push the blame of the lack of opportunity for Palestinians onto Israel, and Hotovely, in no uncertain terms, pushed the blame for that reality onto the poor choices of the Palestinian leaders. Quiet and calm, Hotovely speaks intelligently and, as Israelis say, ‘put him in her small pocket’.

At one point, Bartlett asks if she has children, in an obvious and low-handed attempt to gain emotional points from the viewers. It was clear that he was out of valid arguments and was about to stand on the blood of Palestinian children. Hotovely’s warm smile when she spoke of her children parried Bartlett’s  underhanded attack, and when she began to describe how her parents arrived at a desert and created opportunities for their children, he refused to allow her to finish.


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