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Israel and Ghana maintain bilateral relations in the areas of medicine, education and agriculture, says Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

By United with Israel Staff

UN Ambassador for Israel Danny Danon and Ghana’s Ambassador Martha Pobee have been elected as co-chairpersons for the Technology and Innovation Forum by the UN Economic and Social Council.

“For the first time in its history, Israel will hold the reins of the UN’s Innovation Forum,” Danon said, according to Finance Long. “Israeli innovation brings us closer to the nations of the world, who see it as a great force that can improve our global situation. This is further proof of Israel’s strengthening its position at the UN.”

Danon and Pobee recently met at UN headquarters to coordinate strategies regarding activities at the 2020 Forum.

Some of the focus will be on “promoting women towards science and technology with the help of agricultural technologies as well as environmental innovation,” according to Finance Long.  The Forum expects these topics to be its prime focus in the coming years.

Ron Prosor, the chairman of the public committee, said that they chose Africa Makers as the victor because it “exemplifies people to people diplomacy,” according to Finance Long. “They distribute Israeli innovation directly to where it is needed the most. It has a great scale of impact and impressive positive influence on people’s lives in the most neglected areas of the world.”

Neither Israel nor Africa have received such a position from the UN. However, the selection of these two countries represents a recognition of their growing collaborations in economics and innovations in food and agricultural technologies.

Israel’s Innovation Authority is encouraging start-ups from the country and Ghana to work together, especially in the areas of agriculture and health. Israel and Ghana maintain bilateral relations in the areas of health and medicine, education and agriculture, according to Israeli’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Source: United with Israel