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Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon announced a new diplomatic battle against humanitarian funding that reaches Hamas and supports its terror infrastructure. “We will not relent until the UN and other aid organizations begin to track and follow every dollar that enters the Gaza Strip,” he said.

Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Danny Danon announced on Monday a new initiative aimed at “battling the diversion of humanitarian funds to the Hamas terrorists in Gaza.”

At a briefing in the UN, Ambassador Danon explained that Israeli intelligence has exposed a troubling new trend of Hamas’ exploitation of humanitarian groups.

“We are initiating today a diplomatic battle against the diversion of humanitarian organizations’ funding towards Hamas’s terror infrastructure,” Danon declared.  “We will not relent until the UN and other aid organizations begin to track and follow every dollar that enters the Gaza Strip.”

Danon presented data illustrating how Hamas is diverting to terrorism international aid meant for humanitarian purposes.

Danon asked Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that the UN implement comprehensive oversight mechanisms to ensure a cessation of humanitarian funds reaching terrorist organizations.

In addition, he stated that he had contacted the heads of international organizations operating in Gaza and similarly demanded that they introduce better internal oversight so as not allow Hamas to “exploit the good will of the international community and its desire to assist Palestinian civilians.”

Danon contacted the UNDP, World Vision and UNRWA, whose employees were recently arrested by Israel for exploiting their positions to promote terrorism against Israel, as well as the Red Cross, USAID, International Orthodox Christian Charities and other international aid groups.

Israel’s security services recently revealed that Hamas had infiltrated humanitarian organizations providing aid to Gaza, placed operatives in key positions and systemically diverted funds towards terror activities.

Hamas spends $110 million annually to dig attack tunnels into Israeli territory. Israeli intelligence has shown a direct correlation between the funds taken from the international organizations their use by Hamas.

“The UN and other international organizations must put an immediate end to the exploitation of their funds and resources by Hamas,” Danon demanded.  “The international community cannot continue to believe that it is funding greenhouses, while its money is really going towards digging tunnels and purchasing weapons,” he continued.

Several international organizations have already announced they are withholding their funding of Gaza aid programs until an inquiry into the actual spending of the funds is completed.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

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Source: United with Israel