‘Israel desperately needs Trump back in White House’ says MK Ohad Tal

‘Israel desperately needs Trump back in White House’ says MK Ohad Tal

Knesset Member Ohad Tal joined a growing number of Israeli politicians expressing support for the Republican presidential candidate, former President Donald Trump. 

Tal told a group of Christian media leaders this week that Israel “desperately” needs President Trump back in the Oval Office. “We desperately need to see a change in the White House,” Tal told the group. “That is for sure. We need to see President Trump going back to the White House.”

Speaking to a group of Evangelical leaders of the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) at the Knesset on Monday, June 27th, Tal continued, “If we really want to see a change in what is happening here, we need the backing of a president who supports Israel completely and not one that supports Iran.”

MK Tal is a rising star of the right wing in Israel and the latest in a string of Knesset members expressing hope for a Trump victory in November. Israel’s Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli told Israeli radio he would vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential election if he could. 

“The US is not projecting strength under [Biden’s] leadership, and it’s harming Israel and other countries,” Chikli said to the media last month. “[Biden] said ‘Don’t’ at the start of the war — to Hezbollah, as well as Iran. We saw the result. If I were an American citizen with the right to vote, I’d vote for Trump and Republicans,” Chikli said in April.

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich recently praised Trump for reversing his support for Palestinian statehood, as the president stated in a TIME magazine interview.

“I congratulate the former US president and presidential candidate, a clear supporter of Israel, Donald Trump, for his clear words and the reversal of his support for the establishment of a Palestinian state,” tweeted Smotrich. 

National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir also voiced support for Trump, in contrast to President Biden’s administration’s abandonment of Israel. 

“Instead of giving us his full backing, Biden is busy with giving humanitarian aid and fuel [to Gaza], which goes to Hamas,” Ben Gvir said. “If Trump were in power, the U.S. conduct would be completely different,” said Ben-Gvir to the Wall Street Journal.

The NRB leaders met at the Knesset to discuss their ‘Accuracy in Reporting Biblical Heartland Resolution’ adopted at their annual conference in February. The resolution encourages Christian media to use the term ‘Judea and Samaria’ rather than ‘Occupied Territory’ or ‘West Bank.’ The NRB is the largest gathering of Christian broadcasters, representing over 1,600 organizations. NRB President Troy Miller led a solidarity mission to Israel and was hosted with more than a dozen Christian media leaders by MK Tal at the Knesset this past Monday.

MK Tal told the group to use their influence to impact policy. “I urge you to support Ambassador Friedman’s plan, One Jewish State,” Tal said. “I think that’s the only logical and theologically right solution. So yes, we need to push for that. That’s the policy that we need to see.”

David Friedman released his Judea and Samaria sovereignty plan at the Keep God’s Land launch at the NRB convention in Nashville, attended by Ohad Tal. Keep God’s Land is a new coalition of Jewish and Christian leaders in support of Judea and Samaria.

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