Israel-Born Cincinnati Reds Coach Dons ‘Bring Them Home’ Gear in Honor of Hostages

Israel-Born Cincinnati Reds Coach Dons ‘Bring Them Home’ Gear in Honor of Hostages
Alon Leichman

Alon Leichman is the only native-born Israeli in the major leagues.

By Shula Rosen

Israel-born Cincinnati Reds coach Alon Leichman isn’t reserved about his Jewish identity or his support for hostages and has often been seen wearing a “Bring Them Home” t-shirt during practice.

Leichman isn’t the only Israeli in the major leagues; he is joined by Baltimore Orioles pitcher and fellow Team Israel player Dean Kremer, but Leichman is the only one born in Israel.

Leichman discovered his love of baseball growing up on kibbutz Gezer close to Latrun between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Although his Michigan-born mother and native New Yorker father weren’t huge baseball fans,  Kibbutz Gerar featured the sport.

Leichman recalls, “The kibbutz was founded by Americans and wanted to bring American culture to Israel, so all kids on the kibbutz play baseball.”

He added, “I happened to really like it,” and described playing shortstop at the age of six.

Today, the 34-year-old Cincinnati Reds coach’s mind has been focused on the situation back home as well as with his team.

There are a number of pictures of Leichman at batting practice wearing a “Bring Them Home” t-shirt with the slogan also written on his black glove, along with an Israeli flag and the word “NOW!” next to it.

Peter Kurz, former President of the Board of Directors of the Israel Association of Baseball and current General Manager of Team Israel, has known Leichman for over 20 years and described how he spent his visit back to Israel following the October 7th massacre.

Kurz said, “Even over the last few winter months when he was in Israel during the war, we volunteered together to help Israeli agriculture and picked oranges and avocados together with Assaf Lowengart and the Olympic IOC.”

Leichman was also moved when his team, The Reds, issued a statement following the Hamas attacks in southern Israel.

“We mourn the loss of life and suffering of innocent people caused by the terrorism perpetrated against Israel.”

The statement continued, “We condemn these senseless acts of hate and stand in solidarity with the people of Israel as we pray for peace and an end to terrorism.”

Leichman said he didn’t take this statement for granted, “It was a big deal… Both the manager and GM reached out and offered support if I needed anything.”

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