Israel Arrests Gaza Fisherman Who Blows Lid on Hamas’ Maritime Operations

Israel navy

Israel allocated a fishing zone for Gaza’s fishermen, but Hamas has been taking advantage of this opportunity to smuggle weapons.

Israel’s navy in April apprehended a Palestinian fisherman off the coast of Gaza who was active in Hamas’ maritime smuggling operation, the Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) cleared for publication on Monday.

The sailor was named as Salim Jamal Hasan Na’aman, 39, of the Shati refugee camp.

He was arrested by the Israeli navy after he sailed beyond the fishing zone allocated for Gazan fishermen. Israel limits the zone in an attempt to constrain Hamas’ terror activities and smuggling operations.

During questioning by the Shin Bet, he revealed Hamas’ methods of smuggling weapons and materials used for Hamas’ military build-up, and how he was active in the operation.

He admitted to smuggling ammunition and materials for preparing rockets and mortars, including liquid fiberglass.

He also shared Hamas’ marine military plans and exposed how Hamas was using fishermen to disguise its terror-related activities. He also divulged Hamas’ smuggling routes from Egypt.

“The information collected in this investigation, as well as questioning of other Hamas terrorists recently arrested, exposes another segment of Hamas’ vast efforts to promote and develop its terror activities and violence – while exploiting the easing of restrictions Israel has granted the fishermen in Gaza,” the Shin Bet said in a statement.

The Shin Bet has recently announced several arrests of Hamas terrorists who have provided a treasure trove of information on Hamas’ terror activities and military build-up.

Last week, it announced it had arrested a terrorist who provided vital intelligence on Hamas terror-tunnel network.

The week before that, the Shin Bet announced Israeli security forces had captured a veteran Hamas terrorist who also has been providing valuable information on Hamas’ terror tunnel network.

By: Max Gelber, United with Israel

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Source: United with Israel