Israel and the dangerous blindness of the Biden administration

Israel and the dangerous blindness of the Biden administration

There is growing trepidation in Israel as the Biden administration begins to interfere in Israeli domestic politics.

This was highlighted by the invitation to opposition leader, Benny Ganz, to visit the White House for a meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris, and other officials on the side.

This is seen as a deliberate snub against recently elected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who publicly rejected U.S. State Department plans to create a coalition of Hamas and Fatah into a PLO Palestinian state even as Israel is completing its mission to eradicate the Hamas Islamic terror regime in Gaza.

The American move is increasingly looking malevolent against the Israeli government rather than delusional.

Or maybe it’s a mixture of both.

From an Israeli perspective, it appears as if the Biden administration is blind to the negative implications of what they are doing.

The American officials promoting this Palestinian coalition seem to have closed their eyes to the raw nature, exhibited over decades of murderous actions, of clearly expressed Palestinian motivations outlined by lethal anti-Semitism and a world without Israel by both sides of the Palestinian division.

They behave as if the Hamas Charter does not exist. Or maybe they think that Hamas will toss it aside if the White House will deliver Israel to them on a silver plate.

Let’s put aside the Hamas Charter with its poetic vision of trees and rocks calling out to Muslims to come and kill Jews hiding behind them, and concentrate on the PLO Charter, for that is where the White House and State Department are placing their chips.

Article 7 describes the “national duty” of the Palestinian “revolutionary armed struggle” in order to “win back” its homeland and “bring about its liberation.”

They think this is limited to the territories they call the West Bank. It’s not.

This threat is further emphasized in Articles 10-15.

If in any doubt, the armed struggle is repeated in Article 22 in which they openly claim that the international community will help them achieve their unrelenting goal that there can never be peace until the world has helped the Palestinians to wipe out the Jews and Israel off the map.

Which is precisely what the White House and State Department, under Antony Blinken, are doing. But so is the Kremlin. More on this later.

Palestinians believe their ultimate aims will be achieved with the naivety of liberal Western (read: delusional) governments which they will ditch after Israel has been diplomatically, geographically, topographically weakened for the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem, which this Palestinian coalition will achieve by turning to global bad actors to help them deliver the final coup de grace to their eternal enemy, Israel.

Articles 16-18 of the PLO Charter calls on them to employ international support in their effort to eradicate Israel, claiming that the establishment of Israel is “entirely illegal, regardless of the passage of time.”

This gives them the justification for the slaughter of Jews and the eradication of Israel as quoted in Article 24 of their Charter which they believe to be based on the “principles of justice, freedom, sovereignty, self-determination, and human dignity.” 

According to the working of the Blinken document, “technocrats” describe former terror enablers, as if this would reassure Israel.

Notice that the U.S. administration is not conditioning their advancement of a Hamas-Fatah PLO state on a Palestinian signed statement cancelling their obnoxious PLO and Hamas charters and ending their staged destruction of Israel.

They are not even demanding that Hamas and Fatah must acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

They are not demanding that no deal is possible until both sides of the Palestinian divide first agree to sit with Israel and agree to vital territorial concessions, on both sides.

Palestinian children look at the image of former PLO chief Yasser Arafat and the imprisoned Marwan Barghouti during a demonstration in the southern Gaza Strip calling for the release of prisoners held in Israeli jails, Oct. 6, 2011. Photo by Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90.
(source: JNS)

Without this, how can there be peace?

The deviousness of Palestinian intentions can be seen by those willing to look at Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, who hosted Fatah, Hamas, and even Palestinian Islamic Jihad leaders in Moscow.  And if anyone thinks that the Kremlin invited these people to help Biden-Blinken achieve their myopic Palestine-Israel peace, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Taking up the Biden initiative, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister, Mohammad Shtayeh announced the resignation of his government. He then headed first to Germany, then to Moscow, to attend the Russia-Palestinian summit calling for a “Palestinian-Palestinian consensus based on Palestinian unity and the extension of unity of authority over the Land of Palestine.”

This “Land of Palestine” stretches from the River to the Sea. Biden-Blinken gives them the key. Russia and Iran will deliver them the goods.

Israel really is America’s only ally in the Middle East. Its very real fears ought to be primary and acknowledged by any U.S. administration.

Lose Israel, and you have no one else in the region you can rely on.

Despite Ganz’s White House dalliance with Kamala Harris, does anyone really think that this new Fatah-Hamas Palestine will link their future to Washington and peace with Israel?

Or will they forge their future ties to Russia, Iran, Qatar, and other malevolent actors who will help them advance to the next stage of their clearly stated Chartered destiny? 

A world without Israel.

I know where I would place my chips.

Barry Shaw is a Senior Strategic Associate at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, and the author of ‘Fighting Hamas, BDS & Anti-Semitism,’ and ‘Israel Reclaiming the Narrative.’

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