Israel Allocates NIS 1.8 Million in Scholarships to Ethiopian Students

Thousands of Ethiopian Jews take part in a prayer of the Sigd holiday on the Armon Hanatziv Promenade overlooking Jerusalem on November 30, 2016.

Israel allocates scholarships totaling some NIS 1.8 million to Ethiopian students; the Israel Guide Dog Center marks its 25th anniversary; an Israeli social service organization opens its second facility for the treatment of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, and much more.

By Michael Ordman


NIS 1.8 million for scholarships to Ethiopians

Israel’s Science, Technology and Space Ministry has recognized the Ethiopian Jewish holiday of Sigd for the first time by allocating scholarships totaling some NIS 1.8 million to Ethiopian students.

A guide dog can change one’s life

The Israel Guide Dog Center marks its 25th anniversary by publishing the stories of individuals whose lives were changed by a guide dog. They include Gadi Yarkoni, who ran in the Rio Paralympics; Orit Ray, who pulls her daughter in an accessible buggy and Saleem Sharif – doing National Service at a health clinic.

Tackling domestic violence

Israeli social service organization Yad Sarah has opened its second facility dedicated to the treatment of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Its new “family center” in Israel’s western Negev region joins the Jerusalem treatment center, which opened in 2000.

The safest place for Christians in the Middle East

Israel provides Christians with a haven in a region that is becoming increasingly difficult for Christians to live freely.

Minorities in the IDF

There are Muslim, Bedouin and Christian soldiers that volunteer to join the IDF, in addition to Druze and Circassian soldiers whose leaders undertook to be drafted into the IDF. Many are high-ranking. During their service, the IDF recognizes the rights of these (and all) soldiers to honor their traditions.

Syrians want peace with Israel

Those being treated in Israeli hospitals have found Israel to be very different than the image depicted by the Syrian government.  About 800 Syrians have been treated at the Ziv Medical Center in Safed since February 2013, making Ziv the largest treatment center in Israel for wounded Syrians.

Israeli aid for world’s refugees

A timely reminder of the work of Israeli NGOs and government organizations, to alleviate the suffering of victims of global disasters and wars.

Hydroponics in Colombia

Israeli hi-tech companies are investing in a hydroponic farm project in Colombia, South America.  The farm in the El Nus township will generate roughly 830 jobs, producing tomatoes, sweet peppers and other vegetables, in the desert conditions of Colombia’s Antioquia department.$77-million-investment-deal-for-antioquia-hydroponic-farm-project

UK Navy ship docks at Haifa

British Royal Navy’s HMS Bulwark stopped in Haifa Port on its way back to the United Kingdom. The Navy stated that the docking “demonstrates the growing relationship between the Royal Navy and the Israeli Navy and the desire to continue to develop that interaction.”

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Source: United with Israel