For centuries, Jews all over the world only hoped and dreamed of returning to live in the Land of Israel. Seeing a rebuilt Jerusalem was the focus of Jewish prayers and yearning for thousands of years while the Jewish people were living in exile. Over the course of history, the Jewish people have ensured indescribable persecution and suffering. Even throughout some of the darkest periods of Jewish history, the dream of returning to the Land of Israel was never lost. In 1948, the world witnessed God’s fulfillment of His prophecies as He gathered the Children of Israel from around the world and returned them to their ancestral homeland. In the 70 years since this miraculous event, Israel has continued to serve as the backdrop for the continuous fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. This spring, travel with Israel365 and explore the Hebraic roots of Christianity – physically and spiritually – through the various Biblical landscapes and sites, and you’ll stand together with the Jewish people in celebration of 70 years of prophecy fulfilled.

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