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Donald Trump may be the leader prophesied by Jewish literature to gather Christians against the sons of Ishmael in the times before Messiah, suggested a prominent rabbi recently. He noted that other aspects of the same prophecy regarding the Arab world have already been fulfilled.

“The Malbim wrote that before the coming of the Messiah, the world will separate into two groups: the Bnei Yishmael (Muslims), and the Bnei Edom (Christians),” Rabbi Zamir Cohen, a noted scholar and the head of the Beitar Illit Yeshiva, said in a lecture earlier in the week.

“According to the prophecy, the Bnei Yishmael will join together, and the Christians will remain calm, even apathetic, despite the obvious threat.”

Rabbi Cohen was referring to Rabbi Meir Leibush ben Yehiel Michel Wisser, better known as the Malbim, a renowned 19th-century Bible commentator. His prophecy’s description of an apathetic Western world facing a monstrous threat from Muslims dovetails closely with modern events. In recent years, radical Islam has been permitted to flourish in the Middle East and is now spreading throughout the world.

Rabbi Zamir Cohen (Screenshot)
Rabbi Zamir Cohen (Screenshot)

“The prophecy goes on to say that there will come a leader who will gather together the Christians and say, ‘Enough! We are sick of Islam!’,” the rabbi said. “This is unprecedented, something we have yet to see in the world, a leader who stands up and says that he has had enough of the trespasses of Islam, and that we are not afraid, and it is time to punish the Muslims for what they are doing.

“It is impossible to say that Trump is the leader the prophecies spoke about,” warned Rabbi Cohen, “But by his style of speech, that he doesn’t really care what he says or how people will react, it may be that he is.”

He pointed to Proverbs as a clue to whether or not the “unprecedented development” is good for Israel.

The king’s heart is in the hand of Hashem as the watercourses: He turneth it whithersoever He will. Proverbs 21:1

This verse makes clear that the actions of leaders are guided by God alone, Rabbi Cohen explained.

“Trump had free choice until he was elected. Now [that he is a leader] he no longer has free choice, especially in regards to governing the nation, or how to relate to Israel,” said Rabbi Cohen. “All of the promises Trump made until now, I believe that he really meant them. But whether or not he will actually do it is not in his power.

“As the leader of America, what he decides in the end is in God’s hands, and that is decided according to our actions,” declared Rabbi Cohen, quoting a verse from Psalms.

Ascribe ye strength unto God; His majesty is over Yisrael, and His strength is in the skies. Psalms 68:35

Rabbi Cohen described how, at the same time, events in the Muslim and Arab world are also conforming to the Malbim’s prophecy.

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“Today, we see that the world of Islam is turning more and more extremist,” he said. “They are returning the days of Mohammed, chopping off heads, things which look insane. It is unbelievable that we should return to these things in our generation. They established a state that aspires to conquer the entire Muslim world, called the Islamic State.

“But God, in his mercy, has made it so they are fighting among themselves for now. This is a clear realization of the prophecy in Isaiah,” asserted Rabbi Cohen.

And I will spur Mitzrayim against Mitzrayim; and they shall fight every one against his brother, and everyone against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom. Isaiah 19:2

The conditions the rabbi described are indeed unfolding before our eyes. Despite some horrifying attacks against the West, the fiercest efforts by Islamic extremists are restricted to inter-Islamic conflicts. Islamic terror in Europe and America pales in comparison to the more than 300,000 Syrians killed in that country’s civil war. Today, in a bitter, ongoing battle, Iraqi forces are struggling to take back Mosul from the Islamic State.

Rabbi Yosef Berger, the rabbi of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion Jerusalem, told Breaking Israel News that illogical political developments are necessary components of the Messiah.

“When political developments reflect what is written in the Torah, that is a clear indication that we are nearing geulah (redemption),” noted Rabbi Berger. “These developments simply do not follow logic.The Arabs say they want to destroy Israel, but what they are actually doing is harming each other.

“It is because God is taking over, directing events.”

Rabbi Cohen concluded his lecture with a word of advice on how one can impact the course of events and even influence the decisions of kings.

“God directs the actions of the leaders according to our actions. If we do mitzvoth (commandments) and conform to God’s will, he will direct the leaders to act in our best interests.”

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