President Trump’s international abilities are being tested as experts claim that North Korea is ready for another nuclear test. Tensions are rising as a US Navy strike group steams towards North Korea.

Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of North Korea (Photo: Traineek/Wikimedia Commons)

North Korean monitoring service 38 North told CNN on Wednesday that the country’s Punggye-ri nuclear site is “primed and ready” for a sixth nuclear test. North Korea has conducted five nuclear tests in total, three of them under current leader Kim Jong Un, indicating an intensifying nuclear program.

A US Naval strike group has been deployed to the region. North Korea also views the US missile strike against Syria as an indication of President Trump’s aggressive approach to foreign relations.

“The aggressive acts of war on the part of the United States are getting increasingly reckless,” a North Korean official told CNN in Pyongyang this week. “In response, we will continue to strengthen our self-defense capability.”

This announcement is especially disturbing in light of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announcing on Thursday that North Korea may have the capability to deliver missiles equipped with nerve gas. In an address to Japanese parliament’s diplomacy and defense committee, the prime minister said, “The security situation around our country is getting increasingly severe. We have just talked about Syria. There is a possibility that North Korea already has a capability to put sarin on warheads to strike the ground.”

North Korea is one of six countries that has not signed the international Chemical Weapons Convention. According to South Korea’s 2016 Defense White Paper, North Korea has 2,500 to 5,000 tons of chemical weapons, including anthrax, smallpox and plague.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping told President Donald Trump on Wednesday that he preferred using diplomatic means to smooth out relations between the US and North Korea, but President Trump made it clear that he was determined to resolve the issue in any manner necessary.

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