Netanyahu’s social media directly appeals to Iranians in their language of Farsi.

By United with Israel Staff

Iranian asylum seeker Shay Khatiri wrote a telling op-ed for The Jerusalem Post on Monday crediting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with building positive relationships with Iranians by communicating with the country’s citizens on social media platforms in their native language, Farsi.

Netanyahu started directly reaching out to Iranians about four years ago by creating a Farsi Twitter account and posting videos that complimented its citizens while telling them that their regime is causing them disaster. These social media posts, with Farsi subtitles, coincided with the Islamic Republic’s deterioration in popularity.

In one video, the PM emphasized that Iranians are often successful worldwide but not in their own country, due to their oppressive leadership.

In another video, Netanyahu states that he will send Iranians, through social media platforms, ways to resolve their water challenges by using economical systems.

Included in his posts were an emphasis on Israel’s desire to live in peace and cooperation with the Iranian people.

The PM’s videos went viral among Iranians.

Khatiri pointed out that Instagram is the most popular social media platform for Iranians to gather news. “Every time there is a story about Israel, a vast majority of comments are in praise of Netanyahu and Israel,” he wrote.

The writer said that Iranians inside Iran “no longer complain that Israel mistreats Palestinians.” Rather, they say that “Israel is in the right” and are “tired of starving for the benefit of Hamas and Hezbollah.”

Khatiri said that “Netanyahu cracked the code” for reaching the citizens of a country led by a regime that seeks Israel’s destruction. “Just 10 years ago, it was inconceivable to imagine an Israeli prime minister, especially a Likud one, would play this role,” he wrote.

Netanyahu’s Farsi social media campaign has been paused, perhaps until the next Israeli government is elected. It appears that it would be advantageous for all to resume reaching out to the Iranians. This just might lead to more peace in the Middle East.

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