Iranian intelligence officials have managed to download intimate videos from Benny Gantz ‘s mobile device. In the clips, the opposition leader and Netanyahu’s political adversary appears to be manipulating himself. The videos were made while Gantz was still the IDF chief reports News1.

Fears are now arising that the downloaded dirt makes Gantz compromisable and an easy target for extortion by Israel’s greatest enemies, especially Iran.

According to the report, Gantz tried to conceal the embarrassing contents of the hack from the Israel Security Services (ISS). Withholding that information hampered the ability of security officials in Israel to properly deal with the risks involved by the breach. The hack took place while Gantz was still serving as Chief of Staff, more specifically – during Operation Protective Edge.

Ganz sent the sexually suggestive videos to a woman who moved to America who he has been in close contact within recent years. Additional information regarding the affair has a gag order on it.

According to the report, Gantz refrained from updating the Shin Bet – who met with him twice to brief him on the status of the hack and to inquire about the information that was downloaded from the mobile device. Gantz also refrained from submitting information about the applications he used to transfer the videos.

Gantz now faces a real risk of extortion – especially in his role as chairman of the Blue and White Party and potential Prime Minister. There is also a growing concern that this data is being disseminated to other hostile players.

When the original story of Gantz’s phone hacking broke, radio personality Mark Levin was interviewed on Fox News to discuss the severity of the hack.

Source: Israel in the News