Iran Threatens Israel with ‘Never Before Seen’ Weapon

Iran Threatens Israel with ‘Never Before Seen’ Weapon
iran hypersonic missile

‘We have plans for all scenarios. In this regard, we will behave rationally and courageously,’ an Iranian official said.

By World Israel News

An Iranian lawmaker said that Tehran would debut the use of a new weapon, in response to an expected Israeli response to Tehran’s unprecedented aerial attack overnight Saturday.

“We are ready to use a weapon that we have not used so far,” Iranian Parliament National Security Commission spokesman Abolfazl Amouei told Farsi-language media.

“We have plans for all scenarios. In this regard, we will behave rationally and courageously.”

Amouei placed the blame for the current crisis in the Middle East on the Jewish State, claiming that Israel’s “crimes” in the Gaza Strip are “destabilizing” the region.

“Our message is peace and at the same time preparedness,” he added.

According to Hebrew-language media reports, Israel has decided to strike Iran after Saturday’s attack, which saw some 300 suicide drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles launched at the Jewish state.

Despite American pressure to avoid retaliating, due to the fact that damage was minor and only one person was hurt, Israeli lawmakers appear to be gearing up for a military response.

“I don’t think that we can pretend that nothing really happened because we managed to defend ourselves and [didn’t] let all these ground missiles and ballistic missiles and the drones kill thousands of Israelis,” Likud MK Yuli Edelstein told the Jerusalem Post.

If “there’s no retaliation,” Iran “can decide that this is something they can do every week,” he added.

According to Channel 12 News, Israeli military and intelligence officials have already told neighboring Arab countries that Israel’s response “will not endanger them.”

The missiles and drones launched from Iran traveled through Iraqi, Jordanian, and Syrian airspace. Iraq and Syria do not maintain relations with Israel, so it’s likely that Israeli officials reached out to the leaders of those countries via back channels or third-party interlocuters.

Countries in the region “deeply fear” that they will be the recipient of blowback from Iran after an Israeli retaliatory strike, according to the report.

The countries have paid attention to “the threatening messages coming from Tehran” that any nation which opens its airspace to an Israeli attack against Iran is “expected to enter the line of fire.

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