Iran: Israel planning Attacks America and will blame them on Iran

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted that Israel is planning to attack Americans in a false flag operation intended to give President Trump sufficient cause to attack Iran in his final days in office. 

Zarif: Israel Will Attack US Personnel to Spark War With Iran


Zarif’s tweet comes one day before the anniversary of the US drone-strike assassination of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani.

Anti-Semitic Roots

Jerusalem Post reporter Seth Frantzman credits Zarif’s bizarre accusation with having its roots in anti-Semitic accusations “dating to the Elders of Zion conspiracy that argued Jews sought to control the world and blamed Jews for being behind every ill, from economic disaster to war.”

“Over the years some have suggested a pro-Israel conspiracy to ‘drive’ the US towards war,” Frantzman wrote. “Zarif’s goal in this tweet is to lay the groundwork to blame Israel if Iranian-backed militias attack US forces in Iraq.”

Iran’s History of Blaming Israel for False Flag Operations

Iran and Zarif in particular have a long history of false flag accusations attempting to pin their own sins on Israel. While negotiating the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly referred to as the Iranian nuclear deal,  Zarif accused Israel of staging a raid on the Karine A, an incident in 2002 when Israel stopped a ship loaded with Iranian weapons destined for Yasser Arafat. Zarif claimed that Iran was innocent and Israel prepared a fake shipment of arms in order to make Iran appear like a sponsor of terrorism at a time when they were negotiating for a nuclear program based on their peace-loving nature.

Again, in 2018, Israeli intelligence tipped off their Danish counterparts, warning of a plot by Iranian intelligence to kill three Iranian opposition figures living in Denmark. Javad Zarif claimed the plot was hatched by the Israeli Mossad as a way of discrediting Iran.


Apparently, the Danish government did not accept Zarif’s accusations against the Mossad as the incident resulted in them recalling their ambassadors to Iran.

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