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The International Space University (ISU) will hold its annual Space Studies Program in Israel, marking the first time the institution will hold the training program in the Middle East.

The 2016 Space Studies Program (SSP) will be held at Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa between July 12 and September 1.

“ISU has a long‐standing relationship with Israel in general and Technion in particular… It is therefore a genuine pleasure for ISU to further enhance this relationship and convene the SSP16 session in Haifa. It is evident that there will be considerable interest from other countries to discover more closely the amazing hi‐tech achievements and cultural richness of the host site,” said Prof. Walter Peeters, President of ISU.

The SSP is a two-month intensive program offering professionals and post-graduate students an opportunity to develop professional experience in various space disciplines including space engineering, space policy, economics and law, space management and business, space and the humanities, space applications, and human performance in space.

“The Technion is proud to host the 29th annual Space Studies Program (SSP) in Haifa. The Technion is one of the first universities that launched a satellite and has an active space program. We will ensure to turn the 29th program into an exciting event that will allow the participants to experience firsthand Technion scientific achievements, and the beauty and culture of Israel,” said Prof. Peretz Lavie, the President of Technion.


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