Imam Omar Baloch of Chicago has posted several disturbing sermons on YouTube recently, blaming the pandemic on American Zionists plotting to damage the Chinese economy, secret societies, and has also declared it to be a punishment from Allah. But his most disturbing sermon was posted on March 22.

In the video, Baloch noted that the pandemic would peak in teh U.S. over the next few weeks. 

“Many Muslims are going to pass away,” Baloch noted. “The first thing is the spiritual aspect. All theories and thought and feel of control aside, are we ready to die?”

Baloch said that “every human being is going to get this virus at some point.”

“The first thing, the most important thing, is to be accepting of Allah. I have to know that this virus can kill me. That whatever Allah has written will happen,” “Right now, we really need to get serious, authentic, and really be focused. 

“The world is about to change and you have to accept this mentally. We need to only buy from Muslims. We have to have a yellow pages of Muslim businesses.

“We even need to create a currency that is our own,” Baloch said, claiming that Allah will destroy the U.S. economic system. “We need to start buying gold and silver, anything that is other than cash. 

Baloch then referred to a video he posted in January 2019 titled Muslims & Firearms (Creating A Safe Gun Culture To Create Brotherhood and Self Dependence) in which he advocated that Muslims acquire and train with firearms. 

“Muslims need to start having systems of security, systems of firearms,” he began. “You have to really think about the safety of your Muslim community,” Balch said, warning that churches are already armed. “If you live in the suburbs, the neighbor to your right and neighbor to your left, those that love Trump don’t necessarily love you that much. This is a very good opportunity,” the imam said, adding that these same “neighbors” will become desperate after six to seven months of “financial crisis.”

He also posted a video on March 13 titled “Corona Virus Man Made or God Sent?” in which Baloch claimed that the 9-11 attacks carried out in 2001 were a false-flag operation. “It doesn’t fit the facts,” Baloch said, claiming that the four coordinated hijackings and ensuing crashes targeting buildings and resulting in the deaths of almost 3,000 were carried out to show that “Muslims are terrorists.”

Baloch was born in Chicago and spent many years preaching there, recently locating to Maryland. It should be noted that these sentiments are not expressed by Baloch when he hosts interfaith gatherings with Jewish and Christian communities in his  Masjid Al Falaah mosque in Abingdon, Maryland, as he did one year ago.

In his video from one year ago encouraging Muslims to acquire firearms, Baloch noted that many Muslims were wary, afraid they “would look like they were trying to be terrorists.” In the video, Baloch recommended not allowing children to play video games but, rather, to take them on an eid (Muslim feast day) to slaughter an animal as a way of strengthening the father-son relationship. Baloch said that slaughtering an animal “actually teaches him the worth of life. It’s very much the same with firearms”


Source: Israel in the News