Jerusalem, Israel – Did you have plans to travel in 2020? Perhaps to take your church family for its first visit to Israel, and to finally experience as a Christian what the Holy Land means to so many. Like millions of others, you are waiting out this global shutdown and looking to the day when you can see your favorite places on earth once again without fear of sickness.

How do you fill that void? How can you stay engaged with the places in Israel you long to see? How long are you willing to teach the history, culture, and landscape while we wait for the government to say it is safe to leave your home? 

Now what if you were told that you can learn about Israel without even having to get on a plane? 

Announcing:! The first-of-its-kind online portal for every subject Israel has to offer, with leading Israeli scholars LIVE from Israel at your convenience!

In an era when your church community is now watching  services from anywhere in the world and small groups are meeting virtually to discuss the message for the day, shouldn’t the subjects you care deeply about be available to you from the leading experts in Israel? 

The live classes will allow an interactive and enriching experiences for a worldwide community that has a thirst for engaging with the Land of the Bible and all that Israel represents. Topics such as Biblical Archaeology, History of Israel, Middle-east Geopolitics, and more are not being offered to people of faith on-demand. does. 

After a successful launch with ministry leaders on June 23, is changing the way churches and ministries can engage with Israel and the depth of knowledge offered in every visit. Your church can begin registering for class allotments of 1, 3, or 6 personally scheduled courses with leading educators coming to you from Israel at the best time for your congregation or small group. Classes will be available starting July 1!  

”In the last few months, we saw the new travel reality disconnect all Christians from Israel,” says Uri Steinberg, one of the founders. “So many had planned to visit the Land in 2020-2021 and now will likely have to stay home. We understand that this thirst for a live connection to the Land and its stories, its history, has to be answered” he added. “ wants to be the bridge that brings Christians closer to Israel without actually being there, now and for the future.”

The classes are conducted through zoom, allowing participants to interact with the teachers, ask questions and more. plans to offer a variety of premium products, including unlimited access to content to churches, a pay-per-view for some classes, a Haifa University Certificate and more. This is all part of a greater effort to enhance the learning experience and the various interactive options. 

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Source: Israel in the News