Influential voices from Egypt blame Israel for dam Crisis with Ethiopia

Former Egyptian diplomat and director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Dr. Mostafa El Feki said that Israel could use its influence with Addis Ababa to “change the situation” with the Renaissance Dam, unless it has a secret agreement to get water from the Nile, not through Egypt.

He made his remarks in an interview that aired on MBC Masr (Saudi Arabia/Egypt) on July 14, 2021. Dr. El Feki continued to say that if Israel decided to support Egypt in the issue of the GERD, this would influence the American and Russian positions as well. He agreed with the interviewer who said that Israel was responsible for the fact that there were never any results from ten years of negotiations with Ethiopia. In an interview that aired on the same channel on July 7, 2021, Dr. El Feki said that Egypt has other cards to use in order to solve the GERD crisis, one of which is the Seuz Canal, and if Ethiopia withholds water from Egypt, that would constitute a casus belli. He further said that according to the 1888 Convention of Constantinople, if a country is at war with Egypt, Egypt has the right to stop that country’s ships from passing through the Suez Canal.