The Hamas-led March of Return riots continued over the weekend and participants sent incendiary kites and balloons over the border into Israel. Over 30 fires were ignited in southern Israel on Friday and at least ten more on Saturday. Kan Broadcasting said it was the highest number of arson attacks since Hamas declared an unofficial ceasefire with Israel last month. The IDF reported that it fired at two terror cells that launched incendiary devices.

Countless aerial incendiary devices have been sent from Gaza since the March of Return riots began on March 30. This has resulted in hundreds of fires that have burned over 7,000 acres of land causing millions of shekels in damages.

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On Friday, a number of suspects infiltrated Israel from the southern Gaza Strip, hurled firebombs and an explosive device in the border fence area, and then returned into the Gaza Strip. In response, an IDF tank targeted a Hamas military post in the southern Gaza Strip

Source: Israel in the News