In Time for Purim: Scroll of Esther Illustrated by Terror Victim Esther Horgen

In Time for Purim: Scroll of Esther Illustrated by Terror Victim Esther Horgen

Purim will be celebrated on Saturday night and one of the mitzvoth associated with the holiday is the public reading of the Book of Esther. It is required to follow along with the reading, so many bring personal copies to the synagogue. As Israel is still reeling from the Oct. 7 terrorist attack reminiscent of Haman and the nation of Amalek, one very special edition of the Book of Esther can help make the ancient story seem relevant yet again.

And if you order the digital copy, you can use this Scroll of Esther this holiday.

Israel365 launched The Israel Bible Scroll of Esther two years ago in memory of the late Esther Horgen, of blessed memory, using her artwork to illustrate the holy book.

Horgen was murdered in December by an Arab terrorist while she was hiking in a forest near her home in Tal Menashe in the Samaria region of Israel. Esther left behind a husband and six orphans – two girls and four boys. Her youngest turned 13 years old and celebrated his bar mitzvah only a few months earlier.

A spiritual soul, Esther was also a talented artist. But because her life was so tragically cut short, her artwork never got the chance to be showcased…Until now.

That’s because this Scroll of Esther dedicated to her memory is designed with Esther’s never-before-seen artwork.

Additionally, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote an endorsement for the book in which he reveals how the story of Purim is happening today before our very eyes and how, as the leader of Israel, he is combatting the resurgence of the evil Haman.

Esther Horgen, of blessed memory

This unique scroll also features a letter from Israel’s president, Reuven Rivlin. It features an introduction, written by Esther’s husband Benjamin Horgan relating how his late wife’s soul is connected to the revered Queen Esther.

The Israel Bible Scroll of Esther chronicles the miraculous story of the salvation of the Jewish people in the Persian exile, decades before the building of the second temple in Jerusalem. With a clear translation and illuminating commentary,

The foreword by Israel365′s Rabbi Tuly Weisz provides valuable insight into the holiday and its spiritual significance for the Nation of Israel today.

The scroll features the manuscript’s original Hebrew text opposite an English translation making it easy to follow and understand for those who can’t read the ancient language. It is also dotted with transliteration, allowing the reader to recite Queen Ester’s words in its original text.

Additionally, this new version of Esther’s scroll boasts highly insightful commentary that provides a vital glimpse into the hidden meanings behind the words written in the holy scroll.

Simply click here to purchase the e-book version of this truly unique Scroll of Esther. Proceeds from the sale of this volume will be used to create a park in Horgen’s memory at the site where she was killed.

The holiday of Purim takes place on Friday, February 26. Order your copy of The Israel Bible Scroll of Esther today.

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