Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, an Australian  Shi’ite Muslim Iman of Iraqi origin and president of the Islamic Association of South Australia known as the Imam of Peace, posted a photo of himself on Twitter on Wednesday purportedly showing himself being transported in an ambulance to a hospital. The sudden trip to the hospital comes just two weeks after he played a key role in accusations that a Democratic Congressman is actually a foreign agent.

No details about the nature or cause of his hospitalization were available though the timing and suddenness are cause for concern. Three weeks ago, the Jerusalem Post released a report of a deposition given in a Florida court during the trial of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani in Florida. In his testimpny, Kuwaiti-Canadian businessman Alan Bender identified Minnesota Congressman Ilhan Omar, among others, as an agent working for the Qatari government.

Imam Tawhidi, who has over 600,000 followers on Twitter, posted a tweet claiming that many mainstream media had been bribed to suppress the story about Omar.

He also claimed that a second source would come forward to confirm Bender’s accusations.

Tawhidi’s prediction came to be on Tuesday when Dr. Abdullah al-Saleh, a London-based Kuwaiti activist, tweeted his confirmation of Bender’s claim.

Tawhidi tweeted his fear of Qatari reprisals against him personally, adding that he was placing all the evidence on a USB to be revealed should anything happen to him.

Though his concerns of reprisal may have seemed melodramatic at the time, they took on a different light on Tuesday when the Imam posted a twitter photo that appeared to be him in an ambulance.

Tawhidi advocates for Islamic reform and has been the target of criticism by hardline Islamists. He has stated that some Islamic texts should be banned, claiming they are used as ideological underpinnings for acts of terrorism. He supports the deportation of radical Islamic leaders. He opposes Muslims who make justifications for domestic violence and the killing of apostates. He supports limiting the building of mosques and stated that “Palestine is Jewish land.”

Tawhidi went into hiding one year after he claimed a fatwa (Mulsim religious ruling) was issued against him by Pakistani Mufti Ahmad Raza Sialvi calling for followers to kill him.

Source: Israel in the News