Ilhan Omar’s Foreign Trip Funded by Islamic Terror State

Ilhan Omar’s Foreign Trip Funded by Islamic Terror State
Ilhan Omar

“There are no perfect countries that have a perfect record,” the radical congresswoman said about Qatar.

By Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Magazine

Some people paid for somebody’s trip.

Rep. Ilhan Omar is one of the most vocal advocates for Islamic terrorism in Congress. (Sadly it’s a competitive field.) And Qatar is the most prominent Islamic terrorist state currently pretending to be an ally while buying up most of Washington D.C. (With the Saudis, Kuwait, etc… taking a bit of a breather to worry about Iran, which Qatar is allied with, it’s a slightly less competitive field.)

So when Rep. Ilhan Omar flew to Qatar’s World Jihad Cup where beer was banned and slave laborers died to build the infrastructure for the soccer matches that foreigners like Omar tend to care about, someone had to pick up the tab. Some people did. Some of the same people who did something in September.

The Qatari Embassy in Washington, D.C., confirmed it had paid for Omar’s visit to the Gulf kingdom last year. The congresswoman “accepted an invitation from the Embassy of Qatar to attend events in Doha in November 2022,” a spokesperson told Jewish Insider last week, “as part of a program authorized under the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act,” or MECEA, which allows House members to take trips funded by foreign governments provided that the travel is later disclosed in their annual financial statements.

The embassy did not share an exact figure for the cost of the trip, which was not listed in Omar’s financial report.

Considering Qatar’s enthusiasm for a range of Jihadists from Hamas to the Taliban, and as a host of the Muslim Brotherhood, it was understandable that it would want to add Omar to its collection.

“You can call for accountability, you can ask for justice, but you can also just enjoy the beauty of the game,” Omar explained to Business Insider shortly after she returned from Qatar, emphasizing that “there are no perfect countries that have a perfect record.”

Except for Somalia, which is heaven on earth with a side order of mass murder.

At least Omar wasn’t lonely because the Islamic terror state placed a few orders on

In addition to Omar, the Qatari government also paid for Reps. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), André Carson (D-IN), Claudia Tenney (R-NY), Darin LaHood (R-IL) and Bryan Steil (R-WI) to visit Doha during the World Cup, according to financial statements reviewed by JI. With the exception of Carson — who as a congressman has traveled to Doha on multiple trips sponsored by the Gulf monarchy — the lawmakers’ offices did not respond to requests for comment from JI.

Not a big surprise here. Especially Rep. Carson. Some people took some benefits from a terror state.



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