When Elijah the Prophet ascended to heaven in the fiery chariot thus ending his life on earth, he bestowed upon his closest disciple, Elisha, his own supernatural powers including the ability to perform incredible miracles and a special closeness with God. Today’s verse tells the story of one such instance when the Israelite army was facing attack from the Aramean nation. Elisha in particular was threatened as the King of Aram had sent out a warrant for his capture. But when the Aramean army approached Elisha and his forces, Elisha called out to God “Let their eyes be struck with blindness” so they would not realize whom was their target. Once the enemy was hit with such a weakness, Elisha was able to trick them, brought them to a place far away from the Israelites and removed the danger that threatened his people. From here we see absolute determination to remain rooted in the land God promised and remove any threat no matter what it takes.

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