Though the kingdom has split and ten tribes have rejected Rechovam and the house of David, God does not want there to be a war between the two kingdoms. He reminds the southern tribes of Yehuda and Binyamin that despite the rift, the members of both kingdoms are brothers, and they should therefore treat each other with peace and brotherhood. The split in the kingdom is not ideal, and it pains Hashem to see different members of the Nation of Israel at odds with each other. Instead, He longs for the time when once again “one king shall be king of them all. Never again shall they be two nations, and never again shall they be divided into two kingdoms” (Ezekiel 37:22). With the establishment of the State of Israel, the ingathering of the exiles and the return of some of the ten tribes, we are beginning to witness the miraculous fulfilment of the unity between the kingdom of Yisrael and the kingdom of Yehuda.

Source: Israel in the News