IDF troops under fire kill youth dropping large stone block on soldier

IDF troops entered Balata adjacent to Shechem (Nablus) in the early morning hours of Tuesday on a mission to arrest known terrorists when they came under fire from the rooftops. In addition to gunfire, residents of the area threw bricks and other objects from the roofs of homes toward the forces.

The IDF returned fire and a 17-year-old Arab youth was shot and killed. According to the IDF report, the youth was attempting to drop a large object off a building onto a soldier below.

There were no troops injured in the incident, the IDF said, adding that the arrest operation was successful and a suspect involved in “terror activities” was detained.

Arab media has reported his age as 12, 15, 16, and 17. Israel has been widely criticized for the shooting with Arab media portraying the youth as an innocent victim.

Images have been revealed on social media that show the young man posing with military weapons.


The IDF responded by lamenting the cynical use of children by the PA and Hamas in actual hostilities. Israel is also threatened by violent Hamas-led riots on the southern border.

“If Hamas raises generations of children to be violent, how will we ever achieve peace?” the IDF tweeted. “Hamas encourages women and children to participate in violent riots along Gaza’s border with Israel. These children should be taught to value peace, not hatred.”

In a similar operation last year, Staff Sergeant Amit Ben Yigal was killed after an Arab terrorist dropped a boulder on his head from an elevated location in the Arab village of Yabad near Jenin in the Samaria region. Despite wearing a helmet, the boulder still proved to be fatal.

A similar incident happened in May 2018 when IDF sergeant  Ronen Lubarsky was killed when a stone slab was dropped onto his head from atop a building near Ramallah. The 20-year-old succumbed to his injuries two days later.


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