IDF Soldier Who Was a Contender for Eurovision 2024 Was Killed in Gaza

IDF Soldier Who Was a Contender for Eurovision 2024 Was Killed in Gaza
shaul greenglick

The IDF soldier, who returned to fighting in Gaza after his audition, garnered 83 percent of the votes from the judges.

By Shiryn Ghermezian, The Algemeiner

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced on Tuesday the death of three soldiers who died fighting against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip, one of whom could have been chosen to represent Israel in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, Sweden.

Captain (res.) Shaul Greenglick, 26, from the IDF’s Nahal Brigade, competed recently in HaKokhav Haba (The Next Star), the Israeli talent show and television program from Keshet 12 in which the winner goes on to represent Israel in the 2024 Eurovision competition, which will take place in May. The Raanana native auditioned in his IDF uniform and dedicated his performance to fellow soldiers currently fighting in the Israel-Hamas war. One of the show’s judges, Shiri Maimon, complimented Greenglick after his performance, saying, “You have a natural talent. You were born with an amazing voice.”

“You are the most beautiful Israeli, especially at this time, to see you standing here,” added fellow judge Keren Pels. “You are a gift and all your friends are a gift and I trust you. I am happy that you are wearing a uniform because it is reassuring to have someone like you in a uniform. I would love to see you represent Israel at Eurovision.”

The IDF soldier, who returned to fighting in Gaza after his audition, garnered 83 percent of the votes from the judges, which qualified him for the next round of the talent show. Keshet 12 said the next episode of HaKokhav Haba will be dedicated to Greenglick’s memory.

Greenglick was killed while fighting in the northern Gaza Strip along with Master Sgt. (res.) Maor Lavi, 33, and Cpt. Shay Shamriz, 26, who was a relative of Alon Shamriz — one of three Israeli hostages accidentally shot dead by IDF soldiers in Gaza.

Greenglick uploaded on Dec. 14 an Instagram post that included a clip of his performance on HaKokhav Haba. In the caption, he talked about putting his passion of singing on hold to help defend Israel in its fight against Hamas terrorists.

“I imagined this year differently, a year of ambitions and fulfilling dreams. Now I am living an old dream to fight for the country … a new dream and another will have to wait a little,” he wrote in Hebrew. “Thank you for the warm and encouraging words and also for the criticisms. I hope this period passes and that it will pass quickly. I promise to continue fighting for this country that I love and for my dreams in the future. Right now there is only one thing on my mind — and that is to continue fighting the darkness until we see the light.”

Following Greenglick’s death, the judges of HaKokhav Haba paid tribute to the IDF soldier.

Asaf Amdorsky praised him as “a sweet and beautiful young man with refreshing eyes, [who] put us, all of us, before his own good,” according to Israeli press reports. “He left the television program and went down to Gaza to fight with his fellow heroes. The sadness is unbearable,” Amdorsky added.

“I see the news and I can’t take it anymore,” said singer and HaKokhav Haba judge Ran Danker in an Instagram Story following the announcement of Greenglick’s death. “It’s hard to believe that a moment ago you were singing in front of us. Your music, your singing, and your eyes are etched in my memory. I have no words.”

Maimon said in a post on her Instagram Story on Tuesday: “Shaul, our dear hero, we didn’t get to know you the way we wanted but we got to hear your beautiful and comforting voice. I remember your family being happy and excited for you and now they’ve lost you, it’s impossible to understand.”

“The heart refuses to believe,” Israeli actress Rotem Sela, who hosts the program alongside Assi Azar, wrote in an Instagram post, remembering Greenglick. “You came to our first meeting and you brought so much joy and light with you. You sat surrounded by your beautiful family who looked at you proudly with sparkling eyes. You charmed us, made us laugh, we even got up to dance together. How beautiful, how much talent, how much sadness. Simply unimaginable. What a terrible reality. Sing and dance up there, beautiful boy like you, show everyone there how much of a star you are.”

Azar shared in an Instagram Story that although he met Greenglick only twice — in an interview before the audition and at the audition itself — “you didn’t need more than that to see the magic in him.” He also called the slain soldier “a smiling man, the kind you immediately want to be your friend. A singer with grace, good eyes.”

“Our hearts are full of sorrow. I wish this nightmare would end already,” he concluded by saying.

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