The IDF soldier who killed a Hamas terrorist who was suspected of planting a bomb at the fence has been cleared by the military advocate of any wrong doing reports soldier rights activist Ran Carmi Buzaglo.

Soldier ‘Y’, who belongs to the Misayat of the Golani Brigade was called in for a disciplinary hearing after the IDF determined that the terrorist he killed was merely a “Hamas Operative”. The IDF called the incident an “accident”. Despite the “acknowledgement”, Hams responded by firing missiles into Israel on Saturday.

But after being taken in to for a hearing with the Golani Brigadeer General, it has been determined that soldier ‘Y’ is to be let go with a poor judgement call and no further disciplinary action will be taken against him.

Many in the IDF and in Israel as a whole feared that Thursday’s incident would be a sequel to the Elor Azaria affair. When that happened back in 2015, an IDF soldier killed an already wounded Arab terrorist right after he stabbed Azariya’s fellow troops. Azariya was subsequently sentenced to 18-months in jail. The incident sparked nationwide outrage as well as polarization between those who supported Azariya’s actions and those who opposed.

Buzaglo warned the Military counsel general that they “no longer will enjoy unlimited protection from prosecuting brave IDF soldiers”. He also praised Golani as a “Brigade that leaves no man behind.” “I’d like to express my appreciation to Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi who has reinstalled the power of the army to those commanding it” he added.

The IDF spokesperson’s Unit was not available to comment on the development.

Source: Israel in the News