IDF Soldier Shoots Terrorist, Suspended Due to Doctored Video

Israeli soldiers training in the South Hebron Hills. (Photo: Edi Israel/FLASH90)

Yesterday, two Arabs attacked a soldier at the Tel Rumeida checkpoint in Hebron, stabbing him several times, moderately wounding him before, being shot and killed. A video of the aftermath has generated international criticism of Israel in what may be a misrepresentation of the event.

The incident exploded into widespread criticism of the IDF when a cameraman from B’tselem, an anti-Israel NGO, filmed an IDF medic shooting one of the attackers in the head after he had been neutralized and was lying on the ground.

The video has been widely publicized, generating sharp criticism against Israel. The soldier was suspended and is under investigation.

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NRG reported an eyewitness account of the shooting by a civilian paramedic who arrived at the scene.

“I was at home when all of the sudden I got a call on the radio,” the paramedic told NRG. “I ran down and saw a civilian holding his hand to a soldier’s shoulder in an attempt to stop the bleeding. There were two terrorists lying down nearby; one next to the soldier and one about 15 yards away.”

“As we started to treat him someone started shouting ‘Look out, look out! He’s trying to blow himself up. Get the bomb squad.’”

“That’s what people were yelling there; I heard it with my own ears. If the video had recorded the sounds at the scene,” the witness said, referring to the video recording released by B’Tselem, “you’d be able to hear it as well.”

The soldier has testified that after hearing the shouts, he was convinced the terrorist was wearing an explosive vest because he was wearing a bulky coat despite the warm weather.

Binyamin Malka, the attorney representing the soldier under investigation, added that the soldier had an exemplary record.

“Unfortunately,” said Malka, “the soldier is getting tried by the public before getting the right to defend himself, and all because of a video distributed by some left-wing activists.”

Malka pointed out that the video did not include audio from the incident.

A female Arab terrorist was arrested Friday morning with a knife in her bag, at the location where the two terrorists wounded a soldier yesterday in an attack that is attracting international criticism of Israel. The woman was arrested and is currently under investigation.

B’tselem presents itself as a human rights organization but does not report any human rights violations by the Palestinian Authority when they are reported. A documentary on Israeli television discovered a B’tselem activist turning over Arabs who sell land to the Palestinian Authority to be executed. When confronted by these findings, B’tselem defended the actions.

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