The Israeli Air Force (IAF) hit 10 Hamas and Islamic Jihad military targets on Saturday night in Gaza in response to a rocket attack. One rocket was launched early Saturday night and was intercepted by the Iron Dome system. A second rocket was fired but landed in an open field inside of Gaza. Another rocket was launched a few hours later at around 12:3o AM on Saturday night, followed by another rocket less than an hour later. Both rockets were shot down by the Iron Dome system.

Maariv, a Hebrew news service, reported that the Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades took responsibility for the attack claiming it was revenge for the death of a female medic that was killed during riots along the security fence on Friday. The report also said that both Hamas and Islamic Jihad evacuated their bases before the IAF airstrikes.

The rocket attack came after a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas was agreed upon on Wednesday. Before the ceasefire, about 100 rockets and mortars were fired at Israel from Gaza earlier in the week, leading to an IAF response of dozens of airstrikes that hit approximately 65 targets.

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“The IDF, using fighter jets, attacked 10 terror targets in three compounds belonging to the Hamas terror group in the Gaza Strip. Among the targets that were attacked were two sites used to manufacture and store weapons and a military compound,” the army said in a statement.

There were no reports of Palestinian casualties.

The rocket attacks came while incendiary kites were sent across the border, destroying hundreds of acres of fields.

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Source: Israel in the News